Tyke Travels – Part 1

I’ve been a little abnormal recently, in that i’ve ventured out of God’s county far too often. However as you know with me, if I do anything at all that isn’t in my standard schedule of eat, work, gym, there will always be some good stories to follow.
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Superfood Salad!

Now then, anyone that really knows me, knows that I love my food, as well as trying to keep a healthy lifestyle going to the gym regularly. Over the past 2 months the majority of all my evening meals have followed recipes from Jamie Oliver’s or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s books “Ministry of Food” and “River Cottage Everyday”. Since doing so, I’ve found meals much more interesting, and I may even show a few pictures of my creations in coming posts. Continue reading

Spontaneous Emission

Well. The last blog I did was in September, 2 weeks into my PhD, now its April! 8 months into my PhD, Has anything changed you ask? Yes…its got busier….and busier….and busier….but fortunately occasionally drunk and very sleepy too. As a result this place has been rather neglected, but it would be nice to change that back to how it used to be. So lets get to know each other again! Very few other than my colleges have the first clue of what I do in my PhD….so ill try and explain that broadly…. then I get half a million questions on Singapore, so I’ll bring you up to speed on that, and maybe try and think of anything amusing thats been going on in-between! Continue reading

Photonic Cheescake

ImageA new era begins! I’m currently two weeks into my PhD in Photonic Crystal Lasers. It’s been two jam packed weeks of non-stop work, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed work more. I’m crazy you say?! Well yes, I too considered this last night whilst hoovering the living room at midnight ;-) However, after you spend three months doing nothing over summer, having a purpose is rather satisfying….

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Where’s the tyke gone?

Its been far too long! Yes I know, I’ve been gone forever! But the honest truth is well…I’ve not really had anything to talk about…and I don’t really want to fill up your time with utter rubbish….well….more utter rubbish. So lets all get updated together whilst sharing a beer…you don’t have to drink…but I’m having my beer regardless.

So probably the biggest event of the summer was my sisters wedding (as well as the wicked hag (stag/hen combined) do) , after months of preparation the big day arrived! It all went extremely well and there’s now a very happy husband and wife. However this was probably one of the scariest days I’ve ever had… Continue reading

A Day of Documentaries

Today was one of those pretty duff days where all you can do is lie in bed and watch stuff as you’re too ill to get up and do anything…so in between the times of feeling like crap and being ill I decided to watch something that wouldn’t be too fast paced… I ended up watching a couple of documentaries, and they were actually pretty decent…. Continue reading